Choosing your Tiara

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Tips for choosing your Wedding Tiara or Bridal Headpiece

AfterPAS15 Kate’s wedding the Tiara has definitely made a come back with lots of Brides. Nothing like a sparkly Tiara to make you feel like a princess!

It may seem obvious but the style of the gown you choose – Classical, modern, curving or plain must determine the style of your Wedding Tiara.

The length of your hair too should be considered, long hair worn in an up-do or half the hair up and half down is ideal for a Tiara, the volume of your hair will affect the look.

Short hair or hair close to your head  is more suited to a narrower Tiara or to a Bridal Headband.

When a Bride puts on her Wedding Tiara she becomes a Princess, not just a girl wearing wedding dress and tiara. The Tiara is absolutely your crowning glory. It should echo the wedding dress, using Crystals or Pearls or both.

Pearls go particularly well with Ivory or Cream dresses, reflecting the same lustre.

Crystals are really hard to beat for sparkle and will compliment a White, Ivory or Cream gown, but if pearls have been used on the dress then they should be included in the tiara.

Diamantes will also suit any colour dress.

If your wedding dress is to be a colour, rather than traditionally neutral, you will have many options available to you. To match or contrast, pick a toning shade? what a lovely dilemma!

Like most Brides you will probably have a strong sense of your own style – you still want to look like you………just the best you possible version!!

Balance is important the Gown and Tiara should not outshine each other, but rather complete each other.

Bear in mind that Tiaras are not just for the Bride, the Bridesmaids wearing a similar or miniature version of the Bride’s Tiara achieves a co-ordinated look. For instance if the Bride were to wear a triple row of crystals and the Bridesmaids a single row of the same crystals etc.

Whilst your choice of colour for the Tiara will be mostly determined by your choice of gown, bear in mind that Dark hair will look amazing with Silver, White and Crystal.  Blonde, Light Brown or Red hair then Ivory, Cream and Gold tone Tiara and jewellery are perfect, silver can look a little harsh,  but if you want silver, regardless,  then go for something with lots and lots of sparkle – it will look great.

Tiara: Wearing a Tiara will make you feel really special, it is the final touch in creating a picture of a princess and so is known as the ‘Princess of Headpieces”. A Tiara will compliment absolutely any gown, regardless of length and style of the gown and regardless of whether you intend to wear a Veil or not. A Tiara compliments any hair style.


Headband: A Headband can be a pretty alternative, as well as a practical one, for Brides who want to wear their hair down. A headband can be used to keep your hair away from your face., as well as decoration.

If the headband has side detailing, make sure that the rest of the band is covered, either with ribbon or small beads or crystals otherwise the metallic shade will look harsh against your hair.


Double Headband: Double Headbands are a flexible alternative as they can be worn in any style of hair. Worn either flat on the head, wrapped round a bun or updo or tilted Tiara style

1614_155x110_lrgBun Cover: A bun cover is like a small coronet that completely encircles a bun, giving a very neat classical look, with the possibility of maximum sparkle.

WF213Comb: A comb is a really versatile and can be worn with almost any style, such as down the side of a French pleat, as a back piece above an updo, to secure the hair at the side.

Choose a Tiara to suit the shape of your face. A Tiara should compliment the shape of your face and hairstyle, the choice is also influenced by whether or not you are to wear a veil.
As a guide:

Round face: To help in making your face appear longer, a Tiara with height or which rises to a central point would be a good choice.

Oval face: Can be balanced by a narrow Tiara which is the same height all the way round.

Long face: A Tiara on the forehead or worn near the hairline will help to ‘shorten’ the face. Avoid pieces with a peak at the top, which will make your face appear longer. You could choose a back piece or headband style Tiara.

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